Who are you?2019-06-13T10:51:58-07:00

I am Inthirani Arul one of the Trivedi Healers and through my fortunate and privileged affiliation with Guruji Mahendra Trivedi I have been bestowed with this sacred divine gift and had the privilege of being invited to participate in 2 science experiments where my abilities to harness and channel this energy and affect living and non-living things has been validated, measured and documented in scientific peer reviewed journals.

What is your purpose?2019-05-24T09:39:14-07:00

My purpose is to serve, uplift, improve, empower and increase the potential and the health and wellbeing in the life of humanity through divine wisdom.

What is your mission?2019-05-10T03:06:52-07:00

Our mission is to empower health care professionals and those who care for the well-being of others, through Energy Transmissions while continuously elevating our own consciousness to be a better conduit in sharing the Soul Path principles for humanity such as connecting with our innate characters of being loyal, being honest, being truthful, having integrity and being compassionate so we can be more caring of self and then in the lives of those in our environment. We will have workshops where we will learn through our own self-assessment and self-discovery through experiential experiences.

What are you achieving?2019-05-10T03:33:44-07:00

The greatest potential with the outcome to empower and bring forth heart-centered and compassionate leadership to those we serve so they can live from a level of authenticity and highest form of respect for themselves and for humankind.

What are you passionate about?2019-05-10T03:34:29-07:00

I am passionate about empowering people to live from a place of kindness and compassion living by the principles for humanity. I am also passionate about my own continuous growth through the elevation of my own consciousness so I can live and serve from higher level of consciousness and through divine wisdom. I am passionate about learning and growing with this divine guidance and all that Guruji Mahendra Trivedi teaches through his discourses as I have not found any other place on this planet we can learn and gain knowledge directly from divine wisdom and grow with such depth and so much truth and value. Also, to take it to the next level of implementing that knowledge to attain the outcome of betterment in our lives.

What is important to you?2019-05-10T03:39:07-07:00

That we serve others with an outcome towards betterment and health and well-being in their lives and in the lives of their family, the community, society and the world.

Why is this important to you?2019-05-10T03:47:19-07:00

This is important because when we lead a life under Divine Guidance-withcaring, gratitude, respect and sacrifice,we can live a more happy, empowered and productive life and knowing the only way for me to help others is by me becoming that ecstasy and that perfection in the eyes of the creator.

What do you want to do in the world?2019-05-10T03:35:43-07:00

I want to empower and transform lives so people can live a healthy, fulfilled well-rounded and meaningful life because every person has abilities and has the potential for growth. I want you to know that you are not alone and underneath all the sludge exists a diamond. Once you clear the sludge, which is ego, delusion etc.you find your own inner purity and beauty.

How are you different from other healers?2019-05-10T03:28:22-07:00

I differ from other healers as their abilities have not been validated by science. My healing abilities have been measured, tested, validated, and documented by scientists. The results are published in respected and peer reviewed science journals.

Why should someone believe that you have the ability to transmit the Life Force energy too?2019-05-10T02:59:51-07:00

My ability to transmit the Life Force energy has been proven in a science laboratory. Please check the Science section published articles under my name.

What is The Trivedi Effect?2019-05-24T09:38:31-07:00

The Trivedi Effect is an extraordinary, unprecedented and evidence-based phenomenon that can transform the cellular structure of living organisms, alter atomic structure of non-living material and revolutionize an individual’s life. The Trivedi Effect is the transformation and potentization of living and non-living things. Through the Trivedi Effect, everything is transformed in order to serve a better and higher purpose and function at its greatest potential. Guruji Mahendra Trivedi is the founder and Trivedi Masters Dahryn Trivedi, Gopal Nayak and Alice Branton each possess the ability to transmit The Trivedi Effect.

Who is Guruji Mahendra Trivedi?2019-05-24T09:41:14-07:00

Guruji Mahendra Trivedi discovered and founded The Trivedi Effect. He is renowned around the world for his miraculous and limitless abilities to manifest The Trivedi Effect into the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

Who can benefit from an Energy Transmission?2019-05-24T09:40:34-07:00

Anyone can benefit from an Energy Transmission. Many diverse groups of people from different backgrounds, varying in age, health conditions, religious affiliation, beliefs, dogmas, creeds, practices, gender, race, and sexual orientation have reported extraordinary results. Each individual’s experience is unique and significant.

What benefits can be expected from these Energy Transmissions?2019-05-24T09:37:23-07:00

People from all age groups and walks of life have reported profound improvements, like better quality sleep, greater self-confidence, more profound inner peace, increased energy levels, less fear from the future; positive, dramatic shifts in their prosperity, relationships, health issues and perception; release from emotional trauma and newfound abilities to let go of the past and focus more in the present; relief from stress, anxiety and depression; and an overall optimistic mood. Others have reported an increase in abundance and overall career satisfaction, increased clientele and overall growth in their businesses; enhanced sex drive, competency, and stamina; recognition by colleagues and family; and feelings of rejuvenation, motivation, enthusiasm and inspiration in life. Perhaps the biggest benefit that people are reporting is that, for the first time in their lives, they are able to realize and envision their life’s purpose through a deeper connection with the God of their understanding.

This Divine energy is universal and intelligent. It identifies and targets the underlying cause –not symptoms –of all life’s issues and imperfections, holistically healing us from the inside out to optimize every facet of our physical and spiritual lives. Often, we misidentify the reasons for our pain, unhappiness or failure to reach our full potential. We might, for instance, believe that less than optimal finances are the reason for our stress, when in reality, health issues are the underlying cause of our problems.

Is Guruji Mahendra Trivedi’s physiology different?2019-05-10T03:01:44-07:00

After witnessing the extraordinary success of the experiments on the transformational abilities of Guruji Mahendra Trivedi, scientists began to wonder if there was something unique about Mr. Trivedi’s physiology that allowed or enabled him to harness and transmit this miraculous energy. Inspired, the international scientific community conferred with Mr. Trivedi, who then agreed to submit himself for medical evaluation. Physicians and researchers in the USA, Australia, Canada, and India then measured and documented his unique physiology with the help of the most sophisticated technologies available on this planet. The investigation yielded baffling results that Mr. Trivedi himself was not aware of! After dozens of experiments were conducted on his physiology, the scientific community came to the conclusion that under his unique physiological parameters, no other human can survive for even a small period of time.

How are these Energy Transmissions different from Healing?2019-05-10T03:27:19-07:00

A healing may improve a particular ailment, but Energy Transmissions are intended to restore individuals to their natural blueprint and transform their lives for their highest purposes. Although healing naturally occurs as part of the process of transformation, this energy goes beyond the limited scope of “healing.” This energy transforms you for the next level, up to your limitless potential. In several cases, recipients have unlocked hidden potential they never knew existed and began living at their optimal potential.

Are the results from these Energy Transmissions permanent?2019-05-24T09:36:34-07:00

Once this energy starts working, it continues working for you and never ‘runs out’.After you receive your first Energy Transmission, your personal connection with the God of your understanding will begin to develop and will deepen as you move further along this path. The more frequently you receive these Energy Transmissions, the more rapidly you will transform.

Can you tell me what my life purpose is?2019-05-10T03:25:58-07:00

One of the biggest benefits that people are reporting from these Energy Transmissions is that, for the first time in their lives, they are able to envision and manifest their life’s purpose through a deep connection with the God of their understanding. While we do not claim to know anyone’s life purpose, the energy that is carried has the ability to connect you with your inner guidance system. By deepening this connection, you will inevitably be guided towards your life’s purpose.

Will I experience immediate benefits?2019-05-24T09:41:54-07:00

While each person’s experience is unique and the benefits are felt in many different ways, it is important to remember that transformation is a process; not an event. Great improvements in areas such as relationships, careers, health, emotional balance, sexual fulfillment, self-confidence, sleep patterns and finances have been reported, but the immediacy in which the transformational benefits unfold varies from person to person. Some improvements are seen almost immediately, while others happen over a little period of time.

What happens during the Energy Transmission?2019-05-28T06:45:49-07:00

Inthirani acts as a conduit for this energy between source/universal intelligence and the recipient. An analogy is that of an “internet provider” that connects a computer (the receiver) with the satellite (life source/universal intelligence) via an “internet connection” (this energy).

How often should I receive Energy Transmissions? Is there such a thing as having too many Energy Transmissions?2019-05-24T09:35:54-07:00

There is no such thing as “too many” Energy Transmissions. In fact, receiving multiple transmissions can bring about greater results and at a faster rate. Comparable with frequent exercise for someone who is trying to shed excess weight and tone their body, the more frequently you receive this energy, the faster you will transform. Daily Energy Transmission programs are designed for those committed to their fastest possible growth in all areas, like health, success, prosperity, and higher consciousness.

Can I do anything to make the Energy Transmission more effective?2019-05-10T03:24:30-07:00

You do not need to do anything to receive this energy. It is transmitted through powerful thought intention and the intelligence of the energy will do its work without any extra effort on your part.

What should I do during the Energy Transmissions that I receive during sleep?2019-05-24T09:39:56-07:00

Nothing. Simply go to sleep. It does not matter where or when. During your sleep, you will automatically receive the Energy Transmission. It’s that easy!

I just had an Energy Transmission and don’t feel different. Is it working?2019-05-10T03:31:14-07:00

Everyone’s path to transformation is unique. Benefits can be felt in many different ways and at many different times. You may not even realize the results immediately. It is important to remember that transformation is a process and not an event. During their Energy Transmissions, some people experience heat, shivering or tingling in their body. Some report being surrounded by an aura of white or blue light. Some cry and feel intense emotional release or find that a deep sense of peace and calm has filled their entire being. Others do not experience any immediate physical or mental sensations during or following the transmission, but this does not mean that the energy is not working. During the course of his personal journey of transformation, Guruji Mahendra Trivedi never experienced any of the above himself. He does, however, continue to be transformed by this energy in his own unique way.

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