How Journaling Can Benefit Your Self-Development

Journaling is a fantastic way to supercharge your self-development efforts. When your thoughts are still in your mind, they can be challenging to analyze objectively. If you saw Harry Potter or read the books, you can think of journaling as your personal pensieve allowing you to look at the thoughts floating around with the ability to focus on one or more.

Getting things out of your head and down on paper provides a completely different perspective.

Thinking tends to be very sequential; one thought leads to the next, which leads to the next and the next. We get caught in a linear track and miss out on the bird’s-eye view of the whole thought process. With journaling, you gain the ability to see things from a third-person view versus a first-person view.

Three Great Benefits of Journaling

  1. Solve complex challenges. When you write the issue at hand down on paper, the solution for a complex challenge often suddenly becomes obvious. The ability to re-examine the issue from a third-person perspective can make all the difference.
  2. Increase clarity. One of the best times to lean on your journal is when filled with uncertainty about what action to take. Many things become clearer when you can get them down in writing.
  3. Validate your progress. Sometimes we feel like we’re spinning our wheels and not making genuine progress. When feeling this way, go back and review your old journal entries. You’ll be amazed at how much progress you’ve made since you began. And you’ll also probably realize that you’re making huge strides forward right now, too!

How to Start a Journal

You might envision creating a journal in one of those blank books you can pick up in the bookstore. While this option certainly has a romantic feel to it, you might want to consider keeping an electronic journal.

  • Electronic journals can be essentially free; you could start a blog on a free website or simply use your word processing program.
  • One advantage of an electronic journal is the ability to search for things. Imagine going back through 10 years of written records, trying to find a specific entry.
  • Additionally, if you type faster than you write, an electronic journal can be beneficial when you’re trying to get complex thoughts out in less time.
  • Also, there are several software programs available specifically developed for journaling. If you can spare the $20-$30, they’re worth checking out and provide a lot more flexibility than the traditional pen and paper approach.

The Written Journal

On the other hand, a written journal taps into the right side – the creative side of the brain. The process is very different. Not all of your journaling needs to be words. You can choose a journal with or without lines, depending on the way you journal.

  • Use doodling to awaken your creativity
  • It is easier to resist editing as you go when you write in longhand rather than typing on your computer or tablet
  • Try using colored pens or pencils
  • Cut out pictures representing your thoughts or problems or desires
  • Use crayons

There are no hard and fast rules for journaling. Try not to limit the way your journal – express yourself!

Habit-forming: Make Journaling a Daily Activity

Even if you think your life is uninteresting, journal anyway. New habits are much easier to implement if performed daily. Even getting down a couple of sentences every night is a great idea. You’ll be surprised how often you’ll write much more.

This practice can even help make your life more exciting and fulfilling. Just knowing that you have to journal each night may compel you to make your life a little more adventurous, so you have something interesting to write. Try it! During the day, you’ll notice that little thought in the back of your mind wondering what you can write about tonight.

Get started with your journal today. It’s an activity that has little to no cost but provides numerous benefits. You’ll see your clarity increase and have a much better sense of just how much progress you are making in your life. Start journaling today and watch your self-development take on a new perspective.

Journaling isn’t just about making your life more interesting. If you are not editing as you write and let the words flow through unimpeded, your subconscious can make its way to the surface with answers to questions you may not even know you had.

The Trivedi Effect® strengthens the connection of your Spirit to the God of your understanding, allowing growth and success in your life. It also connects you to your creativity for problem-solving. If you are interested in learning more, contact Inthirani Arul, a scientifically validated healer and best-selling author.

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