Information and Knowledge: How can one experience divine knowledge ?

Throughout our journey in life there is so much information to process and gain through everyone we meet. This information may be of little or no value until it is implemented and an outcome or result is proven. Through the knowledge I have gained through Guruji Mahendra Trivedi’s discourses on this life’s journey is profoundly essential to learn and implement in our daily lives. It is pure knowledge because it is from the divine and not information. Information is data it may be here say or gossip which is of little or no value until it is collected, proven and incorporated with knowledge. Whereas knowledge and wisdom are gained through experience. It can be through a good or bad experience.

There is knowledge in everything we experience. Knowledge is something we must value because when we do not value and implement that knowledge we lose the divine connection and we go into stress and suffer from many illnesses and disorders and live from a place of restlessness and fear from the future which is manifested from the root cause of uncertainty. Through the numerous courses and trainings, I have experienced on my life’s journey I have never met another being on this planet like Guruji Mahendra Trivedi who has the unique ability to harness this divine knowledge and deepen the knowledge through his discourses and blessings which continuously expands and elevates the consciousness of those like myself who have been so fortunate to experience the Trivedi Effect.

It is through the elevation of our own consciousness that we can see the difference between knowledge and information because it can be easily missed and devalued from the perception of someone from a lower consciousness level.

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Inthirani Arul, the founder of SoulPath Discovery Inc., is an author and award-winning Dale Carnegie Graduate. Through struggle, numerous losses, and experiences, she pursued a journey to empower herself through self-discovery. Her mission is to bring compassion and quality care into the lives of those she serves.Inthirani believes that every person matters and when we elevate and grow ourselves we can live a fulfilled life and have the potential to leave an impact and imprint that can create an outcome in the life of humanity.

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