Learning to Accept Yourself

You may be surprised at how many people never accept themselves for who they are. Many people put on a front appearing self-confident when they aren’t.

The good news is, even if you’re one of these people, you can learn to accept yourself. If you’re suffering from low self-worth and confidence, you have the ability to turn things around!

Why It’s Important To Accept Yourself

Accepting yourself means the difference between a life of happiness or a life of sadness. When you accept yourself, you’re more likely to accomplish more in your life.

Self-acceptance becomes your foundation. After you accept yourself, you continue to build from there and add on: confidence, tranquility, enthusiasm, drive, and happiness.

Steps To Acceptance

Many methods and tips can guide you on your journey, but take time to find your unique way of getting to self-acceptance.

Try these strategies to help you accept yourself:

  1. Allow for mistakes. Sometimes you may try too hard to be perfect, and this in itself is another mistake. Allow yourself to make mistakes because you’re a human being, and you learn from them. You’ll make small mistakes and big mistakes in life, but it’s how you bounce back from them that’ll make all the difference. 
  1. Live in the present. The reason you haven’t accepted yourself could be that you’re living your life in the past. Maybe you need to forgive yourself for something that happened or for a certain trait you don’t like. Getting over the past is an important step to build confidence, self-respect, and hope for the future.
  1. Avoid comparing yourself to others. Others have different skillsets and life experiences you may envy. In these situations, come to terms with the fact you don’t have what they have. However, on the bright side, there are many things that you do have – we are each born with gifts, you should discover yours.
    • Each person is unique. Be grateful for what makes you different from others, as this is part of your inner beauty!
  1. Keep your goals realistic. If you don’t maintain realistic goals, you’re setting yourself up for failure. The truth is, you won’t have a chance from the start! Instead, give yourself a reasonable chance to achieve your goals. For instance, if you have a job only paying $20 per hour, you want to own a home, pick one in your price range – not one worth $1Million. How can you do this? By setting realistic and manageable goals that you can confidently achieve.
  1. Be comfortable in your body. Sometimes you don’t want to accept yourself because of the way you look. Society puts some serious pressure on people that way. Remember that people in magazines are usually unhealthy or airbrushed – you shouldn’t strive to look like them. Instead, be grateful for your positive attributes and overall health.
  1. Think positive thoughts. One of the most important accomplishments on the journey to accepting yourself is learning to think positively. It’s easy to forget how much power there is in thought. Thinking positively means focusing on gratitude. 
    • If you focus on gratitude instead of what you believe is wrong in your life, you begin to attract more of the things you feel gratitude about instead of more negative events or ideas. Gratitude leads to positive actions, which lead to feeling good about yourself.

Help From Your Loved Ones

Remember, you can always ask for help from your loved ones. It may help to get some outside perspective on your problems. You tend to be your own worst critic, but you can count on your loved ones for their generous support and love.

Your loved ones almost certainly accept you for who you are. You’ll be happier once you’ve come to this realization as well.

Take these strategies to heart because, once you learn to accept yourself, you’ll find the world is a wonderful place, and you’ll enjoy your place in it!

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Inthirani Arul, the founder of SoulPath Discovery Inc., is an author and award-winning Dale Carnegie Graduate. Through struggle, numerous losses, and experiences, she pursued a journey to empower herself through self-discovery. Her mission is to bring compassion and quality care into the lives of those she serves.Inthirani believes that every person matters and when we elevate and grow ourselves we can live a fulfilled life and have the potential to leave an impact and imprint that can create an outcome in the life of humanity.

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