My Healer’s Journey and The Power of the Trivedi Effect

As a young girl, I felt a sense of loneliness and a feeling of despair and not knowing why all the life experiences I was facing were happening. My mother was someone who suffered from mental health and physical issues from when I was 9 years old. She was a diabetic who, over time, became blind. I grew up living in these conditions, constantly facing the fear of losing her. She was receiving insulin shots 2 times a day and would refuse to eat. Sometimes she would throw her food and as a diabetic, it was vital she eat because many times she went into a diabetic shock where she would go unconscious. My healer’s journey started while I was living in these conditions. Over and over again I happened to be there each time she would go into shock. I would find her in perfect timing, while she just was going into shock or shortly after she was unconscious.

I was constantly living with the fear that I was not going to find her alive. One of my greatest fears was her leaving the house, or someone hurting her. She would stand under the balcony at times screaming or just stand there barefoot or go to a neighbor with the hope that her eyesight would come back.

Before my mother had lost her sight, she was very religious and would spend time praying. She taught me about prayer and to always have faith. To this day I am grateful to her for all that she taught me about showing respect and honoring the divine, which I recognize as the god of my understanding, and teaching me about compassion through life’s experiences.

As my mother lost her sight, she started showing increased signs of mental illness. All I could do was turn to the god of my understanding and ask for whatever guidance I needed. I knew it was through faith I had in the divine that I was led to be present each time my mother would go unconscious it was an intuitive knowing each time I found her. I believe if she had not been found each time and on time she would have passed years prior. I know the divine led me to learn how to care for her and take the action steps of learning how to call 911 to get the life threating medical attention she required each time. I noticed this intuitive “knowingness” as I had cared for numerous people over the years in my teenage and adult life and timing was always present in each situation. My father was the breadwinner and spent a lot of his time at work. I rarely saw my father except on weekends as I would be in school during the day and in the evenings would care for my mother when my father was at work.

I knew that all the experiences I was facing were there for a greater purpose in my life even though I was highly sensitive and very emotional most times and in despair when seeing my mother on her own emotional rollercoaster related to mental health.

I cared deeply for my mother even though she was not all mentally there and felt sorry for her because she could not see. I understood the way she communicated with rage, fear and anger were because of her illness. My only concern was that I wanted her to live as long as she could because she was my mother. I found ways to keep her active to help increase her longevity even though she could not see. I created opportunities where she would cut vegetables and wash dishes and could even wash a burnt pot to be cleaner and shinier than it was before it got burnt. She would even wash the bathtub and areas of the house through her sense of touch and her hearing was extremely sharp. She would walk back and forth in the house and up and down stairs to get some exercise or I would take her for a walk in the neighborhood.

I learned that my gift was helping people because of my mother. In my teenage years, I volunteered in the local hospital with the elderly and that grew into a passion for helping them.

In 2004 my husband passed away and I was left caring for my 18-month-old son. I felt this deep calling that I needed to help more people. It was deep yearning and a constant tug in my heart so I started taking courses and training to improve myself and to find my purpose. I wanted to learn from well-known leaders who were impacting and making changes on this planet. As time passed I realized there was a spiritual aspect that many of them had. I became drawn to learning from the spiritual leaders and then I was finally led to Guruji Mahendra Kumar Trivedi and the Trivedi Effect. I learned about him on an International Summit where he was a guest presenter. I was captivated and drawn by the science he shared on agriculture and other areas and how his focus was about bringing outcome into everything he does. He showed evidence of healing through science and that his work was recognized in universities around the world and that was what truly drew me to first experience the Trivedi Effect. With time I saw the impact it had on my life and I was offered the opportunity to participate in the Healer’s Mastery program. It was then I learned about the opportunities that Guruji was offering for the healers to participate in the science experiments and I asked if I was a possible candidate. I was invited through the grace of Guruji and divine guidance to take part in three science experiments. I sought to be closer to the divine, to learn from the divine, to live by divine guidance and embody the qualities and characteristics of the divine. Trusting that guidance was how I was led to meet Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and I have been working with the Trivedi Effect and learning through his discourse since 2011.

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About the Author:

Inthirani Arul, the founder of SoulPath Discovery Inc., is an author and award-winning Dale Carnegie Graduate. Through struggle, numerous losses, and experiences, she pursued a journey to empower herself through self-discovery. Her mission is to bring compassion and quality care into the lives of those she serves.Inthirani believes that every person matters and when we elevate and grow ourselves we can live a fulfilled life and have the potential to leave an impact and imprint that can create an outcome in the life of humanity.


  1. Carola Sand September 28, 2019 at 10:44 am - Reply

    An emotional story full of love,caring, compassion and trust in Divine. Thank you for sharing, Inthirani!

  2. Eileen Mesgher September 30, 2019 at 7:35 am - Reply

    An amazing and beautiful story, Inthirani. I am honored to know you?

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