Spring is a Time of Renewal

Spring is a time of renewal. If you look to nature, plants and animals rest during the long winter and now that the gentle sun and warm spring rains have set in, the plants and animals have begun their natural cycle of awakening. Humans also have a natural rhythm to their life and to the cycle of seasonal changes as the year moves along. Sometimes we’re so busy that we aren’t paying attention to the seasons. Winter comes and we push through the darker days and instead of resting like our natural rhythm calls for us to do, we struggle and force ourselves to ignore the reality of shorter days and an invitation to rest and reflect, to take the time to learn from our mistakes and savor our successes. We don’t use the time we’re offered in the colder season to think, to process and to plan for the future.

It’s April and the days are longer; the sun has returned and the flowers are beginning to bloom. Trees put out new leaves and everything from the sky to the very soil in the Earth is clean and renewed. Humans can have the ability to have this kind of growth and renewal in their life too, whether it is a time of growth and renewal spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically. In some seasons, our growth can be in all four areas at once!

So, let’s talk about what you can do to help facilitate your own growth and renewal in this Spring season.


First, what can you do to create physical renewal in your body? Take a moment to think about where you are with your physical care of your body. Are you getting enough exercise each day? Are you seeing a doctor as often as you should? What about the dentist? Does something hurt that you’ve been ignoring? It could be something simple like drinking more water and less fruit juice or soda. Your body might be crying out for renewal in the form of more fresh fruits and vegetables. You can create an environment to support positive growth and renewal by committing to take good care of your physical body’s needs this Spring.


Next, take a few minutes to listen to your body and your heart. How are things feeling emotionally as we move into Spring? Do you know what you are feeling from day to day or have you been ignoring the messages from your heart and just going through the motions of your days? Change is often hard, but remember to listen to your heart is to honor yourself and your own needs. So, change can lead to wonderful new things, even if sometimes it means we need to leave old things and old people in our lives behind to make room for new things that match who we are now better and allow for positive growth. Take some time this week to get in touch with your real feelings and emotions by journaling for a few minutes each day. Don’t worry about what you write just write down whatever comes to mind, even if it starts out as, “I don’t know what to write. I don’t know what to write.” Because, that could soon turn into, “Actually, I’m feeling really annoyed about…” Or, “I really want to…,” etc.


Mentally, how are you doing? Are you feeling challenged in your life? When is the last time you went outside of your comfort zone and learned something new? Have you been using your mind to create the life and lifestyle you really want, or are you just getting through the day? Are you feeling overworked, over stressed or frazzled getting through your day? Are your thoughts helping you or hurting you? Are you kind with your words to yourself and others or have you slipped into being unkind and angry? Take a few minutes as you journal this week to try to “catch your thoughts” in the act! Sometimes the things we say to ourselves internally happen so fast, so automatically, it’s as if we didn’t even hear them! This is a good time to try to uncover what you’ve been saying to yourself lately, and make some conscious changes if needed.


Last, Spring is an excellent time to focus on spiritual growth and renewal. On the surface it may seem like this isn’t something that you could really choose to control or encourage, but you can! Make a commitment this Spring to get connected (or reconnect) with the God of your understanding. The God of your understanding exists for you outside of human concepts of a particular religion. It is, and you’ve always been connected and protected, but you do have the power to strengthen that connection, to become aware of it and use it to help yourself as you renew your life.

If you would like to work together to facilitate this time of renewal and growth in your life, please reach out. Contact me at inthirani@inthirani.com to schedule a time to discuss the possibilities!

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Inthirani Arul, the founder of SoulPath Discovery Inc., is an author and award-winning Dale Carnegie Graduate. Through struggle, numerous losses, and experiences, she pursued a journey to empower herself through self-discovery. Her mission is to bring compassion and quality care into the lives of those she serves.Inthirani believes that every person matters and when we elevate and grow ourselves we can live a fulfilled life and have the potential to leave an impact and imprint that can create an outcome in the life of humanity.

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