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I called Inthirani because she had been recommended to me by my husband for energy work. She uses the Trivedi Effect in her healing practice and is scientifically validated. I was impressed.

I am so glad I called Inthirani. She was very easy and pleasant to work with. She seemed to understand what I needed help with- although she did remind me that this energy is an intelligent energy and works with whatever is the greatest need.

I just wanted a little help with my spiritual growth.

What was amazing about my five days of blessings with Inthriani is that I experienced a heightened awareness of when my ego was trying to control things. I was able to acknowledge my ego and just continue with my life. It felt a bit like I was watching a movie. I really enjoyed the experience. Although she is no longer blessing me I’m still experiencing this changed perception.

I feel deep gratitude to Inthirani for her work and highly recommend her.

Joy Angevin Balmer

I was going through a stressful time at work, when Inthirani blessed me for 5 consecutive days. In her interview she asked me questions regarding what was going on in my life and if there were any issues. I was going through a very busy and stressful time at work and I requested blessings to help ease the situation. Inthirani’s blessings assisted in helping to ease the stress during this time. I was able to focus and implement what needed to be done to complete the job. I’m very grateful to Inthirani and highly recommend her for Trivedi energy healing,

City: San Jose,
State: California,
Country: United States,
Profession / Occupation: Legal Clerk

Aileen Lee

I contacted healer Inthirani Arul about receiving Trivedi Effect energy transmissions for stiffness around my waist and low back that has been bothering me for the past several months. After a short phone discussion, we agreed to a series of remote energy transmissions for my waist and low back area and for a second request to raise my consciousness. I was also eager to see what effect these energy transmissions would have on raising my current consciousness. I was impressed with her professional manner in dealing with me and my particular issues.

After completion of the initial set of energy transmissions by Inthirani I noticed an immediate improvement in the stiffness in my waist/low back area. I was also able to see a 40% decrease in the CRP (C Reactive Protein) level, a common inflammatory marker in the human body, in the area of the L5 vertebrae. This decrease was measured using a special monoclonal antibody test kit designed to measure CRP before and after Inthirani’s energy transmissions.

These improvements took place without taking any medications and without resorting to risky invasive medical procedures. During the period of energy transmissions, I also experienced a breakthrough in client problem solving that I attribute to an improvement in my consciousness from these transmissions. Based on these documented results I would recommend Inthirani and her energy transmissions as an alternate way to deal with inflammation of the muscles, bone and joints and in aiding in raising your consciousness.

City: Laguna Niguel,
State: California,
Country: United States,
Profession / Occupation: Consultant

John Suzuki

I’m so grateful to Inthirani for her generosity and loving kindness. You can feel her love the moment you talk with her.
I highly recommend anyone who believes in the healing power of the Divine, whoever your god is, to work with Inthirini and heal whatever you need to heal.

City: Calgary,
State: AB,
Country: Canada,
Profession / Occupation: Entrepreneur, speaker, coach


I highly recommend Inthirani! She has many years of experience with being a caregiver and supporter of others, and it shows in her approach. She is warm, easy to talk to, non-judgmental, and knowledgable. She shares freely and is a caring practitioner. I originally presented an issue that I wanted help with, and over the next few weeks, I went through profound awakenings and transformation on many levels that I could hardly have imagined. The Trivedi Effect is truly amazing and life changing!,

City: Longmont,
State: Colorado,
Country: USA

K. C.,

I contacted Inthirani to discuss some financial investments that I was wondering about. I found her to be very approachable, congenial and professional. I was amazed to find that the person managing my investments contacted me with some very encouraging information right after my transmission with Inthirani. Upon reflection I have found that significant situations in my life have often been paired with Trivedi transmissions and the very same thing happened to me when Inthirani completed her energy transmissions with me. Inthirani inspires confidence as someone who is very capable of transmitting the Trivedi Effect in an efficacious way. Thank you so very much.,

City: Calgary,
State: Alberta,
Country: Canada

Gary, Professional Therapist

I have recently been referred to Inthirani by some friends for support and healing regarding a limiting mindset and behavioral pattern that has been keeping me from feeling light and fit since I have been so sedentary these last two years compared to where I had been in the previous five years before that. Even though I am very busy with work and projects, I wanted to get help with shifting into more self-care with regular exercise again and better-eating strategies. I had my first session about a week ago…and WOW. I could feel the nuanced shift in me right after the first day. Inthirani does not talk much…just enough to get to know me and learn what my issue is that I bring “to the table” for help via the Life Force Healings, The healing session takes place remotely as I go about my day. I am getting daily sessions for a while, and I will continue to see where this takes me. So far, the results are definitely palpable: I woke up after the first transmission and my whole outlook to self-care was shifted, and I was inspired to eat lighter without much effort, I found myself swimming and walking more this past week, even with a busy week, and I no longer feel limited but ENTHUSED for moving in this healthy direction. My body feels lighter, I feel more endless energy, and I feel like a “mind pattern” has been lifted and replaced with something more supportive and real.

I look forward to more! I will definitely tell my friends about her and recommend her to others. This is very easy to walk into and get immediate results.

City: Portland,
State: OR,
Country: United States

KatSweas, Wellness Advocate

I’ve had the occasion to hear Inthirani Arul speak from the stage at 2 International events connected to Women of Global Change. Both times I was impressed by her transparency, authenticity and clear desire to use her experiences to help others. She’s an incredible leader and a joy to know. There is so much more to this incredible woman than meets the eye, she has walked a path that would’ve brought many to their knees, but she stands tall and extends herself to others in a powerful way!

Dannella Burnett, CEO Oakwood Occasions

Inthirani Arul is a joy to watch and learn from. She is a high-energy, animated speaker and I highly recommend her programs to anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of special need individuals.

Arvee Robinson, The Master Speaker Trainer, Author

Inthirani’s speech was so amazing! She really inspired me with her story. I can’t wait to hear how I can leave a legacy behind.

Ginny Okada, RN/ Master Aesthetician

I had the opportunity to hear Inthirani speak recently.She is relatively new to the speaking world, but shows tremendous promise.She is refreshing and fun.I can’t wait to see what she does next!

Becky Olson,

Inthirani is a gifted Life Force Healer, very caring and professional. When I contacted her, I immediately noticed her friendly and reliable voice, she explained the benefits of the Trivedi Effect and made me feel at ease. The benefits I got from Inthirani’s Energy transmissions made huge impact on me. I now experience a greater sense of peace and happiness in my life, I feel more connected to nature, to my Life Source and I’ve got new inspiration at work. This intelligent energy really goes deep down to the root cause of the problem. I’m grateful for these wonderful changes in my life and that’s why I highly recommend getting Life Force energy transmissions from Inthirani.

City: Helsinki,
Profession: Educator

Carola Sand

My experience working with Inthirani was nothing short of wonderful! She was very professional, knowledgable, and caring in her approach. I am grateful to have found her during a period of transition in my life. As a scientifically validated Trivedi Effect healer, she put me at ease in her ability to help me navigate my next steps. I received 5 days of energy transmissions that left me feeling calm, clear, and re-energized. I feel and look better as well. My skin is glowing. My body feels stronger and I feel I have found a renewed zest for life. I highly recommend Inthirani as a life force energy healer.

City: Chicago,
State: Illnois,
Country: USA,
Profession: Entrepreneur

Zhanna Romm

Thrilled to have found such a professional and attentive Energy Healer. I felt different during the week I received Energy transmissions from Inthirani Arul, a Trivedi Effect Life Force Healer. A greater sense of calm and harmony about my busy schedule was noticeable. Something inspired me to go to a networking event I was not very enthusiastic about attending. It surprised me how good I felt about stepping out of my comfort zone and just going to the event. The positive experience led to other networking events and a training opportunity that will impact my business. I recommend Inthirani to anyone that wants to increase their level of Energy and step out of their comfort zone.,

City: Bourget,
State: ON,
Country: Canada

Johanne Dodon

I was having problems with an old injury on the right side of my face. I had damaged a nerve, which gave the sensation I was wearing a light mask. I called Inthirani to see if she could help.

It was easy to talk with her and it felt like she understood what I was needing. She explained the process and we began working on the problem immediately.

I experienced a significant release from that injured area two days after Inthirani completed her program. That day, I felt some slight pressure in the area. By evening, I laid down for about an hour and experienced a release along the area giving me discomfort. It felt like a significant part of the problem had gone away. A couple of days later, I had a second significant release in the same area.

While my issue has not completely resolved itself, I feel much clearer and know a significant aspect of the discomfort has been released.

I am totally impressed with Inthirani and her healing abilities. Based upon my experience, I will be recommending Inthirani to my friends or to anyone struggling with pain and discomfort issues.

City: Henderson,
State: NV,
Country: United States

Alan J Balmer, Accounting

I had the pleasure of hearing Inthirani speak in Jamaica at the Women of Global Change Summit. I was completely inspired by her story and her ability to push through her fears and encouraging others to do the same.

Linell King, MDPhysician, Speaker, Author

Inthirani radiates love, kindness, compassion. Her heart is as big as the ocean…and even bigger. Pure joy to be around.

Anne Gudger, Author

Inthirani speaks with an authentic and gentle heart. She possesses the power to ignite others to own their story and stand in their truth.

Becca Tebon, Holistic Health Fitness & Life Speaker | Coach | Author | Mom|

I was privileged to hear Inthirani Arul, CEO and Founder of Soul Path, Inc., speak at The Women of Global Change Summit in Jamaica in June 2017.It was a privilege because of how she shared her story and the way in which she now helps those ready to work with her.It was obvious that her whole soul was a part of her talk and especially when responding to questions from the audience her personal dedication to making the world a better place and her professional expertise came through.While she was talking I could relate and was moved thanks to her willingness to be vulnerable. More so I was moved by what she has accomplished and is now ready to share with the world.I can highly recommend having her as an expert speaker and I encourage everyone to check out her Universal Principles Teaching as they can indeed change the world.

Natalie Forest

While attending the Woman of Global Change Summit 2017 held in Jamaica, I have had the pleasure to meet Inthirani on a personal and professional level.I was touched by her bravery and genuineness in speaking about her own personal struggles, failures and her passion to help others overcome challenges in their lives.Her constant pursuit of learning, growing and making a positive impact is truly admirable.I believe her Soul path Exploration program would be of great benefit to anyone looking to make a change in their life.

Yours truly

William Liu.

Inthirani Arul is an absolutely spectacular speaker. I got the opportunity to hear her speak a couple weeks ago and she completely inspired me. She filled me with hope because no matter the challenges or obstacles we encounter on our journey through life we can learn from them. She taught us how to be the best version of ourselves that we can be and how we can truly become the great leaders that we are destined to be. Watching her speak with a passionate heart and enthusiastic spirit truly fuelled my own personal fire to go out and be the best me I can be. I can say for certain that this will not be the last time I will hear her speak. She is a wonderful giving person. I am proud to call her my friend, my role model and my inspiration. She helped me find the greatness within me and she will defiantly help you findthe greatness within yourself.

Sarah-Elizabeth Hyde,

Experiencing Inthirani was very profound. She brought such passion and enthusiasm in her teachings. I could connect to her vulnerability, her professionalism and ambition. Hearing her story, the obstacles she faced and how she was able to overcome her challenges inspired me. Inthirani has a nurturing spirit in which she brings you into her arms and guides you to accomplish your own goals to live a more fulfilling life.

Elena Cordero, Arms Pahrump Photography

Thank you so much for having us in! The kids really enjoyed seeing the centre and loved the interactions they had with the various people they met.Don’t worry about the pins and pens-I just chatted with the kids and everyone who wanted one got one.I shared your email with the students and they were really happy to hear that they had a positive impact at the centre.Thanks again for all the hard work that you do and the great energy that you have. I think that meeting you and seeing your enthusiasm for working with people was fantastic for the kids to see.Take care!



The first time I met Inthirani Arul, I knew that there was a story that needed to be told. Her energy and perpetual optimism is what encouraged me to want to know more. When she starts to share, she comes alive in her passion when sharing about how you can leave a memorable legacy behind through true leadership. It is a great privilege to know her!

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