The Link Between Self-discipline and Success

What is the one quality that you need to have, to become successful in life? Have you thought about this question any time in your life, in a bid to become more organised and goal-oriented? If yes, here is simple answer for you – self-discipline. When you are disciplined, success automatically knocks at your door. Self-discipline is a broad term that comprises many qualities such as punctuality, prioritization, structure, being active, lack of procrastination, owning up to your mistakes, etc. These qualities together are what we call “self- discipline.” Self-discipline leads to success.

  1. Self-disciplined people are focused

Having a single-minded focus and determination toward your goals is very important to succeed in life. Self-discipline is the quality which helps you have control over your behaviour and actions. Therefore, if you have discipline, you will have that fire within you to meet the short-term goals that act as stepping stones for your long-term goals and you will eventually attain success in life. You will not fall victim to vices such as procrastination or laziness.

  1. Self-disciplined people get organized

You can succeed in your personal and professional life only when you know the technique of prioritization. You should make a list of the urgent tasks that you have to do on a daily basis and be very careful about not spending your efforts in the wrong areas. To prioritize well, you should be able to differentiate between important and unimportant tasks. A self-disciplined person is one who writes down daily goals and has set targets for each stage of their life. Self-disciplined people don’t waste time, money, effort and other resources on tasks that don’t help reach their long-term goals.

  1. Self-disciplined people see the big picture

There are lots of distractions and obstacles in the world today. It takes a lot of courage, character and self-discipline to beat the odds and keep on working with nothing but the drive to succeed. Waking up early, working for long hours, sacrificing some of the things that you love and having a lot of self-control are some of the qualities that you have to exhibit if you want to meet your goals in life. Having an eye on the big picture is something that self-discipline can teach you.

  1. Self-disciplined people are committed

When you have self-discipline, you are committed to the goals that you have set for yourself in each stage of your life. Self-disciplined people honor their commitments. This builds resilience automatically and can teach you to take criticism positively. You learn from your mistakes and correct them in your future attempts so that you can fulfil the commitment that you have made to yourself by meeting your short-term and long-term goals. You need to be true to yourself first, if you want to be successful. Self-discipline helps you do this by motivating you every time you seem to get bogged down or frustrated in life.


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Inthirani Arul, the founder of SoulPath Discovery Inc., is an author and award-winning Dale Carnegie Graduate. Through struggle, numerous losses, and experiences, she pursued a journey to empower herself through self-discovery. Her mission is to bring compassion and quality care into the lives of those she serves.Inthirani believes that every person matters and when we elevate and grow ourselves we can live a fulfilled life and have the potential to leave an impact and imprint that can create an outcome in the life of humanity.

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